Asks questions

As another basketball season draws near and coaches busily prepare their plans it is important to incorporate an intentional plan for developing an open dialogue with individual players.  The development of a relationship based on trust and openness is vital to avoid problems arising from differnet agendas and misperceptions.

 Below are some examples of questions that coaches can integerate into conversations with individual players. 

Why do you want to be on this team?

What do you hope to get out of being on this team?

Describe what you think a good teammate is?

Describe what you think a good basketball player is?

What do you think a good leader is?

Remember as a coach the first step is  setting aside time for individual conversations.  You don’t have to ask all of the questions at once, you can simply ask a question to a player and tell them to think about overnight and come back to you tomorrow to talk about their answer.

Coaches don’t be afraid of hearing the truth from you players.  What goes unsaid can be very damaging to a team, as that is when resentment, distrust, and unbelief can grow.


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