Transfer Knowledge

Knowledge means very little if you cannot communicate what you know in a way that can be understood by others.

The role of a coach is to get players to acquire new knowledge that enables them to perform better. This is most commonly done by coaches transferring knowledge that they have either from their past, their learning, or their observations of the player and/or team. However, a coach can help facilitate this in other ways as well they can bring in other resources to help the player acquire the knowledge they need to advance, such as a specialist, another coach, a video resource, etc.. Below are some important things to remember to best transfer knowledge to players.

Provide specific actions for players to take more than theory on what to do and analysis of what they did wrong

Players care more about what you can do for them than what you have done

Players care more about whether than can trust you than whether you can trust them

No two players are alike some players you have to whisper too to be heard


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